Travel writing

Travel broadens the mind and enriches the soul. I just love sharing stories from my travels with other people, using words to recreate colours, textures and sounds of different worlds. A sample of my travel writing can be found on the following platforms:


Stray Along The Way is a travel blog that documents adventure travel from all across South Africa. Together with my husband I provide images and content for this travel blog and its social media channels. This material is generated from our own extensive travels across southern Africa and includes photo, video and written content.




Kwenda Travel is an online Destination and Adventure guide that informs and inspires people to get exploring! I create content for the Adventure guide. This involves identifying a potential adventure and completing said adventure before researching relevant information for the guide and writing the article. Each article must include relevant information so that the readers can easily replicate the experience, and be written in an engaging way that inspires action. It also includes photographic content generated from my own experience doing each adventure.


Human interest stories

Isn’t it incredible how inspiring a person’s story can be? Another’s tale of struggle, triumph or tragedy has the power to effect change in the lives of complete strangers. I am fascinated by people, and this next project is very close to my heart.



How Durban Works is a blog about Durban and the people who make it up. It is an excuse to meet people I never would have otherwise, and to uncover the myriad of sides to beautiful, bewitching Durban. Suitable candidates are identified based on their activities or role in the city, or simply on the human interest value of their story. They are interviewed and these interviews published online as a transcript, together with photographs taken during our meeting. Although no two interviews are the same, I always question each person about their thoughts on Durban. Specifically, if they could have one wish for the city, or see one thing change, what would that be? The answers have been varied and fascinating, but one thing is clear – the people in Durban absolutely love living there!


 Scientific and technical writing

A little-known fact is that Marine Biologists spend far more time behind a computer writing technical reports and other scientific documents than swimming with dolphins! I am a skilled technical writer, capable of researching an argument and then presenting it in a clear and concise fashion for an international audience.