About me

I am an outdoorsy, active and adventurous kind of girl. My camera is never far away and I am driven by the need to capture the action around me. This has led to me shooting off of boats, out of planes and on horseback to name a few! My sense of adventure has also seen me swinging through the jungle on ziplines in Laos, scratching lemurs in Madagascar, diving with sharks in Mozambique, chasing waves in Indonesia and most recently, chasing dreams on a nine month road trip through South Africa.

For me, the best photos are the ones that evoke an emotional response in the viewer. Because of this, I particularly love taking photos of people – capturing those fleeting moments of truth and raw emotion that are so incredibly powerful. I have a great eye for detail and work well with people. I am able to create a comfortable and engaging space for my subjects that puts them at ease and helps me to create the best photographs of them.

Photography has always been something that has come naturally to me. It feels more like an extension of the person that I am deep inside than anything else I have ever tried to do. A natural partner for telling stories using images, is telling stories with words, and this is something else that I love to do.

Because of my love of adventure it’s not surprising that a lot of the content of my writing is travel-related, although I spend a lot of my spare time working on human interest stories for my blog How Durban Works too. Combining my interest in people with my love of photography and writing and then getting to share that with others – absolute bliss! I am also equally as adept at technical writing as creative writing. My formal training as a Marine Biologist taught me how to research, structure and present an argument in a clear and concise manner, and I have no problem rattling off a report of a hundred pages or so. That’s right – we don’t only spend our time swimming with dolphins!

I am a friendly, capable and professional person, and am always up for a new challenge. Welcome to my site – I hope you’ll spend some time looking around.